Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy Weekend

My in-laws were in town over the weekend, so I missed Harvest Monday, but it was nice to spend Memorial Day with someone who still currently serves our country (my father in law). We were able to eat loads of stuff from the garden, which had such a satisfying feeling about it!  So here is last week's harvest plus a few extras in there, so that I can catch up. If I would have had time, these would have been separate posts, but I didn't, so it's another picture flood.

So, after extra potatoes from last week's potato bar, I used these scallions...

to make this delicious baked potato soup.

I finally decided that the one broccoli head that was growing was in fact bolting...

so we sauteed it up, and had a nice little tasty treat!

This harvest of lettuce made for enough salads for all six of us in our house this weekend, where the six of us shared one shower.

These radishes made it in those salads too!

These strawberries...
plus these strawberries...

made a very delicious and fittingly colored red, white, and blue dessert!

My squash and zucchini have begun flowering, though they are all, strangely enough, female flowers! I don't have any male pollinators yet, so they're just going to drop off, which is VERY sad!  I have never tried frying squash flowers, though I know many do, so I didn't attempt that this weekend. I think my zucchini has powdery mildew already (although it doesn't dust off, which I feel like I remember from years prior) but they are still beautiful blooms, and the plants are getting enormous!

Here's my typical garden shot... I'm really pleased with the lettuce down the middle of my tomatoes.  It won't be long before it is out of there, but the mixtures of greens is really nice!

Tomato blossoms! I have two baby tomatoes on my Celebrity (nursery start), but I'm not counting it until MY plants make tomatoes. I'm not sure which will be first the Roma, Big Boy, Sweet Million, and Cherokee Purple are all in a dead heat for first.

My snow peas are bringing in a great harvest, which was a nice addition to some store bought green beans, and to some of the salads.

My strawberries have been shared with an unknown culprit...
until now... I found one. A beer trap is to be set tonight... so here's hoping there isn't much more sharing this season.

vindication. EG squishes bugs... I feed them to my very grateful turtles.

More salads and strawberries! We made identical desserts with these strawberries last night, so no need for a picture.  That impatien is one I planted from seed.

Since I have so much lettuce this year, I have learned what a chore it can be to clean EACH leaf!  This is the only bug I've seen on them so far, which is nice! Anyone know what this is?


  1. That potato soup looks amazing! You might have a little squash bug there...

  2. Erin- Thanks! All of the pictures of squash bug nymphs online look to have black legs, which this guy did not... I sure hope to not see any for a while... :(

  3. The potato soup look yummy! And the strawberry and blueberry desserts..mmmmmm! I just love thata you feed your turtles from the garden!