Thursday, June 9, 2011

What to do with Cabbage Loopers

I fortunately have not had to deal with any cabbage loopers until now. Last year, my plants looked like a lace doily, and I never got any broccoli from those plants.  It's nice to know that there is a place to take them when I find them though!

I spent two hours out in the garden with sprinklers and new fertilizer. I bought some new organic fertilizer and some blood meal yesterday.  Organic = stinky.  I had to breathe through my mouth for the whole process, but I had several of my paste tomatoes get blossom end rot, and it's been a while since any of my plants have been fed.  I've done a much better job with that, and keeping the plants staked this year, but it's still a hard thing for me to remember to do!

I picked a full sized zucchini and my first yellow squash today! More peas were picked, and I'm about to go plant some more green beans. I cut all but the very newest growth out of my strawberries today, because they appear done. I did this based off of a suggestion from my great uncle, so we'll see how they do. They were looking pretty sad and diseased anyway.


  1. I practically have to wear a gas mask when I use that organic fertilizer! Between that and the fish emulsion, I don't know which smells worse.

  2. I need to fertilize too. I think that the fish/seaweed fertilizer smells like the beach!

  3. Cabbage loopers can sure do some damage, and hopefully you can find some BT in your area to take care of them.

  4. Granny- I'll have to consider the gas mask! The bag stunk before I even opened it. I have used fish emulsion for a while, and I feel like I can stomach that a bit better... I don't know, maybe not! :)

    Robin- you must be crazy! :) Not the stuff that I buy! It smells like the ground up fish goo that it is!

    EG- They sure can! Fortunately, there haven't been too many. I haven't done much searching for BT yet, but the turtles do a nice number on them once I've handpicked them!