Monday, June 6, 2011

Harvest Monday

Thanks for hosting Harvest Monday Daphne! If you want to check out what others are harvesting, head over to Daphne's Dandelions!

I harvested this broccoli yesterday, and it was added to stir fry with a bunch of other garden vegetables for dinner for three last night. I had a few open yellow flowers, so it had to be cut. This is my first year harvesting broccoli, so I am still learning when to harvest it. Hopefully I'll know better next year!

One of the snow pea harvests

Looks like I missed one in the previous harvest from the day before!

Five more heads of lettuce: 2 Buttercrunch, 1 Little Caesar Romaine, and 2 Valerie

Strawberries that I shared with the neighbors, but grabbed a picture of before I took them over.

More strawberries and peas!

More peas!

The bag of peas is for size reference only, though we ate all of them finally yesterday.

Everything green in this meal came from the garden! And there were three of us who ate it! The zucchini babies were delicious, and perfect, and tasted no different. They were small, and had the tiniest seeds in them, but that was the only difference. This meal was a very satisfying one!

I was having a hard time remembering what I had harvested, and thought it would be a small post, but when I pulled up all of the pictures I was pleasantly surprised! This was a great garden week!

Sorry to sound redundant, but this morning I recovered another four turtle eggs! Eleanor laid 4 more last night, so that is the first time she has double clutched here to our knowledge.  Multiple clutching is very normal for box turtles, we just haven't seen it happen before. Her total for the season is now up to 9, and only 19 days apart. I guess she wasn't going to be outdone by Nadine, who laid six the night before.  We now have a total of 15 eggs inside.  I did some research last night about multiple clutching, and found some instances where the average amount of eggs per female/season was around 11.  This is the first year we've had any turtle besides Eleanor lay, but I don't know what we'd do with 44 baby turtles, not that I'm counting my turtles...


  1. The harvest looks great! I didn't realize you had more than one turtle - I take it one of them is a male?!

  2. Erin- Thanks! We have three males, and four females. Not a great ratio, but two of the males are loads less aggressive about mating than the third, so I think it evens itself out. I made a post recently with pictures of all of them. They are a lot of fun to watch!

  3. That meal looks delicious! Great harvest!

  4. SOOOO going back some post to see more turtle pictures. I LOVE turtles. We rescued a softie this spring that hatched during a freeze, and then we got all attached. We still have him, but we know that he is better off in a pond. I figure one winter indoors and then we will teach him to eat feeders and release him out. :-) I'd be glad to take a hatchling! A land turtle would suit our family much better than a water turtle.

  5. It sounds like you are going to have a turtle farm! Boy, strawberries and peas are two of my favorite harvests from the garden. It's a good time of the year!

  6. In my opinion, strawberry harvests are more exciting than tomatoes. Yummy. I love the looks of that broccoli too.

  7. Looks like some great harvests! I'm looking forward to broccoli and peas soon too.

  8. Wow, I don't know that strawberries would ever make it to the neighbors for sharing...they would all be eaten before we got there! Ha ha! Very nice harvests.

  9. What a nice harvest. I get to pick peas tomorrow morning. I can't wait to have enough to actually cook up and not just steal from the vine.

  10. Allison- Thanks!!

    Barbie- They are so cute! I just really hope we get to see one this year! If we have a ton of hatchlings, and you happen to be in the midwest, you're welcome to one, but I don't think shipping them would be a good idea :)

    Robin- Yeah, I guess a turtle farm isn't the worst thing. They have a hard enough time surviving in the wild when they are such a small size. The strawberries are done now, and I'll be missing them!

    OG- They are pretty fun! I don't know that they would top tomatoes for me though!! Maybe if I had more strawberries.... :)

    Emily- Thanks! Broccoli and peas are definitely a great harvest!

    Shawn Ann- The neighbors have been begging, and it was better to send them over when I had some extras... :)

    Daphne- Good luck with your peas! I have to give a nice portion to the dog, so the rest go straight into a bag for dinner otherwise! Heidi can't get enough of the peas... so the extras go to her!