Monday, June 13, 2011

Harvest Monday

Here are some of the things I harvested, and some of the ways that I used them this past week. If you want to see what others are harvesting, head on over to Daphne's Dandelions! She graciously hosts this every week!

I harvested the scallions that went on this dish, but didn't get a before picture.

My crazy zucchini, some side shoots, more peas, and one I missed!

The lettuce is needing to be pretty much picked this week or next.  Most are showing signs of bolting, but we've really enjoyed our salads this season!

More peas, my first yellow squash, and another zucchini.

Here is the first way I used some zucchini.  We tried a new recipe, and I'd share it, but we weren't thrilled with the results.  We would have liked less mush to the zucchini and more crisp from the breading.  It was a nice little treat, we just didn't need two whole zucchinis for it. 

Yesterday, I made a delicious stir fry/chicken lo mein dish with the remaining broccoli, peas, zucchini, and yellow squash from this week, and we loved it. I forgot to take a picture of it fresh, and I refuse to take a picture of the leftovers in the tupperware.  We are loving having such a fun variety of food coming from the garden!  The lettuce has been my husband's favorite so far. 


  1. What a nice variety you have coming in! My hubby loves fried zucchini!

  2. Zucchini already? I am jealous. I especially love the stuff come autumn becaude I can put a boatload of it in soups and my boyfriend can't tell that it's there.

  3. Allison- Thanks! These were baked and not fried, but I'm pretty sure I love anything fried!

    Prairie Cat- Haha! Fortunately, I don't have to hide any veggies around here (unless I want to save them for myself!) The plants have just taken off! I'll probably end up doing a second planting for the fall, since they are in such small containers!

  4. I'm a zucchini fryer, too. I never had good results from baking them, even though I know they are much healthier prepared that way. I dip the slices in saltine cracker crumbs and fry them in a mixture of half butter and half oil, with more salt and some pepper sprinkled on. Serve them immediately for a super crispy treat.

    That being said, I haven't even planted my zucchini yet!

  5. Yum, zucchini. I cannot wait for my plants to start producing some curbits!

  6. I saw the first little female blossoms on the zucchini yesterday. It will be "fun" when they get harvested. Zucchini for me either gives me way too much or struggles and I don't get much at all. I always hope to be inundated with it.

  7. I'm giggling since everyone's zucchini is always "crazy" zucchini! Everything looks great!

  8. Granny- I'm going to have to try frying it then... I like the idea of using saltines! Better hop to that planting! I guess you've got time, and you're probably waiting for all of that lettuce to go away and give you some space!

    Nartaya- At least they don't make you wait too long!

    Daphne- YAY for your first blossom!! :) I'm not sure that I want TOO much, but I like this better than not having any!

    Erin- Thanks! The "crazy" one is just the one that grew to around 8 inches long without the blossom ever opening up, but I guess everything about these plants are crazy :)

  9. are those enchiladas with your green onions? Looks great! Edible zucchinis already? I'm impressed! I don't think my squash plants have put on enough leaves yet, much less flowers, so I still have a ways to go before I can start telling my own tales of crazy zukes. :)

  10. You have a very nice harvest! I have made a similar zucchini recipe, with eggs, Parmesan, bread crumbs and bake them ( double dipped them I think). They were super yummy! I think the recipe I found was "zucchini coins".