Friday, May 13, 2011

Pretty Little Peas!

First pea blossom- showed up yesterday!  I love these little guys! Four more today!


  1. Wow, what kind are you growing? Those are pretty!

  2. Thanks! Those are Dwarf Gray Sugar I believe. It's a snow pea. I was VERY surprised by the bright pink last year. I had only grown snap peas that had all white blossoms the year before, so these were a fun surprise! I am also growing Oregon Sugar, or something like along those lines, but those haven't formed blossoms yet, so I don't know what color they'll be. :)

  3. I have never grown the pink blossom, how pretty! Might have to go on my list for this fall :) I'm growing the Oregon Sugar Pod II, they have white blossoms, and appear to be very productive, I just harvested a basketful from only a 4 ft planting!