Sunday, April 11, 2010


Thanks for following my blog Jeni!

Beautiful weather continues! Highs in the low-mid 80s for the next five days, along with several days with the lows in the 60s! Can't beat that, although I think my lettuce/spinach is suffering because of the heat. It hasn't really done ANYTHING for a good two weeks now!

I FINALLY potted up all of the rest of my tomatoes. I don't get the newspaper, so I was using ads that we got in the mail, and any newspaper I could bum from a friend. I made the pots on Thursday, and finally finished potting them all up last evening. I was pretty whiny by the end of it. That's what I get for way over planting. I figure I can sell the ones I'm not giving to my friends, and maybe make a few bucks for next year's garden. I think all in all I have 93 tomato plants. I was asked in a comment which varieties so I'll put that here too... I'm growing Big Boy, Brandywine, Caspian Pink, Delicious, Green Zebra, Jubilee Yellow, Margherita Hybrid, Pineapple, Roma, Striped Paste, Super Beefsteak, Sweet 100, and Sweet Million.

Here is a picture of my right side radishes, first and second sowing.

I planted a mesclun mix in this area last year, and this has volunteered itself. I thought these were so interesting last year, but I never had the heart to harvest them, and I was a little nervous to eat them anyway!

My peas are still doing well! I showed my husband this picture, and he said that the picture I took make them look like giants even though they are all of 7 inches tall. He doesn't think they are this impressive. I like them anyway.

Our yard is loaded with ivy once you pass the tree, and so right now our backyard is loaded with these little purple flowers. I would much rather have grass throughout, but these little purple guys are tolerable! As are the few dandelions, I know they are weeds, but they can be pretty in their own way! (Just don't get in my garden!)

My husband and I spent Friday's Date Night at Home Depot searching for plants to do some sort of landscaping in our front yard which is completely bare. I felt sort of overwhelmed because I really would have liked to have a plan drawn out and ready before we went shopping. This is what we came up with so far. I didn't want to overbuy without a clearer picture of what we were going to do.

Today is my little sister's 22 birthday! She doesn't read this blog, but Happy Birthday to her anyway! Lastly, this is Solomon working on a tomato for breakfast!


  1. 93 plants is a good bit! They look so vibrant and happy, and i'm surprised that Cherokee Purple isn't part of your list.

  2. Thanks! I think they look pretty happy myself! :) Much better than last year! I just didn't have enough light for them and had to put them on cold draft windowsills that they did not appreciate! This year they stayed on a shelf with new lights :)

    I think 13 varieties is a bit ambitious for me as it is! Maybe next year for the Cherokee Purple. Is the flavor something special? I know that it looks amazing!

  3. Nice mix of tomatoes and those peas look excellent. The cherokee purple that EG mentioned are about the best tomato around in my opinion.

  4. Thanks Dan! It looks like I'll have to try that one next year then! Any tomato is better than a store tomato! I'm excited to try out new flavors though!