Friday, April 2, 2010

Gorgeous Weather

Welcome Annie's Granny, and thanks again for following my blog!

It has been absolutely fabulous outside, and which has made me not want to be inside to do much on the computer, though I have had time to check on other blogs. We've done plenty to the garden.
A lot has changed in this view in just a month! You can see the two bags of used coffee grounds waiting to be added to the compost pile in this picture. The nineteen-year old who lives with us works at the Starbucks across the street. This is just one of the perks. :)
I've sown another crop of radishes as well as another crop of lettuce.

First sowing of radish seedlings
Current spinach seedlings
My strawberry plants are putting off green growth like crazy!

We've turned the compost, and tried to combine the two piles, while we were hanging out with turtles, and searching for the one *for sure* male that we've got. Did not find him, though we have learned that the shy Bernice I showed the picture of on a previous post is actually Bernie or Bernard, whatever name fits... Our neighbor ladies told us they saw some mating action, and pointed out the "standing" culprit. Definitely not who we expected. Sure enough, I came home from my long night at the hospital and there she/he is, doing his business with our biggest female, Margaret. I'll spare you the picture I took. I saw my fifth and sixth delivery last night, so I've certainly gotten my dose of mother nature in the past few days! It's horrible to have to sleep so much DURING this weather. It has been 86 and 87 the past two days, and will be slightly "cooler" at 78 today. Couldn't ask for better weather. I better head to bed, so that I can enjoy some of it this afternoon! Both compost piles are hot, I've got the windows open. Gardening/weather is good :)
Dwarf Gray Sugar Peas


  1. So, more turtles soon, huh?

    It's so exciting when things kick into gear for spring. The weather has been so warm here lately that it's all I can do not to rush out and plant some tomatoes and peppers! I think I'll go ahead and risk it, I've got row cover if things get chilly later. And it would be great for things to get such an early start.
    Your peas look fabulous! That's an edible podded variety, right?

  2. I just read, in the morning paper, that we will have a colder than normal April after a warmer than normal March. Not exactly what I wanted to hear with 60+ tomato plants growing in my garden shed!

    My radishes and spinach are at the same stage as yours, but your peas are way ahead of mine.

  3. Rebecca, looks like we'll be having more turtles soon :) I am way too overprotective of my tomatoes to put them out just yet, though it should be tempting with several day temps in the 80s and overnight lows in the 50s - 60s! I don't have row covers though... I'll be interested to see how yours do! I think I waited until May to put my tomatoes out, though somehow, for my zone they all say you can put them out on the frost free date. Thanks about the peas! I planted them pretty early, and they are definitely an edible pod variety - it's the only way I'll eat them!

    Granny- DEFINITELY not what I want to hear about April! My tomatoes are taking off, and I'm not really looking forward to purple chilly tomatoes! I really expected my radishes and spinach to kind of take off more than they have, and they've been hanging out in this stage for a while (spinach more than anything) but this variety of radishes has a maturity time of 18 days! I think besides squash, peas have been the most quickly gratifying plant that I've grown. I love to see them start to wrap themselves up against a trellis! Hope yours pick up soon!

  4. I just want to say - I'm jealous of your peas. Mine haven't even show up yet. I'm giving them until Sunday, like you said.

  5. No fair! You have an employee of Starbuck's living with you? I hope you're feeding them well!

  6. Amy- you didn't have to wait that long!! :)

    EG- He eats us out of house and home. He's 6'6 and probably a buck 70. He's got a hollow leg. We do appreciate the coffee grounds and the occasional almost expired pastries he brings home!