Thursday, April 15, 2010

Strawberry Blossom!

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Not a ton to say today.

I have my first strawberry blossom though!! Still back and forth on whether or not to pick it. I don't think the delayed gratification thing is going to fly with my strawberries, we'll see.

My peppers that desperately needed potting up were all potted up today. For some reason the seeds in the bottom right didn't do so hot. They are the same as the ones in the back, but a different section from my Jiffy peat pellets, strange. All of these were planted the same day.
And, when I potted up the last of my tomatoes the other day, I also had to do the job of thinning them. I had never gotten around to it. I'm not a very good "seed saver" in that I don't do any special storing (they get stuck in a plastic bag and thrown into a cabinet) so I double planted all of my tomatoes and my peppers. I waited so long to pot them up, that I had full blown plants growing out of a peat pellet. I decided to try to see if some would root, and sure enough 3 Big Boy, and 4 Roma plants were saved since they sent out roots. Those were potted up today too. The end.
Looks pretty cool if you ask me!

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