Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the Garden

Thanks Gretchen for following my blog!

Just a few updates. I was looking back through some pictures so far, and can't believe how quickly things grow. My peas have grown between 5 and 10 inches in the past 9 days, depending on the plant!

My broccoli seems to have finally recovered from the sunburn I allowed early on. The same plants that I put into my friends' gardens look way better than mine since they were not transplanted and sun burnt all at the same time. You live and learn. I still think they'll do alright.

My lettuce seems to finally have shown some growth! This picture is a bit misleading, because there are two plants right next to each other that I haven't thinned out yet, but even still, the growth is there!

If you can tell the weeds from the yellowed baby spinach seedlings, you'll see they haven't grown in at least a month. I'm pulling them today. I think I'll attempt spinach in only one of the blocks again. I'll do cilantro in the other one. I don't want to waste precious real estate on the spinach if they aren't going to produce. My friend's garden that I helped her plant already has several leaves on her spinach and hers were planted after mine. Not sure what I did wrong.

We've got a bird's nest on our front porch that we found the past week. I'm thrilled, though my husband not so much. I'm a big fan of robins; he doesn't want poop on the porch. Here is another perk to having a 6'6" 19 year old living in my house... :) I got this picture!


  1. Gorgeous Eggs! What a great shot!

  2. I guess that's what they call robins egg blue :-)

  3. Thanks Gretchen!

    That is DEFINITELY Robin's egg blue Dan!