Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seedling Update

Thanks to Amy and Sunny for following my blog!

I've worked the past two nights (and my LAST two for a WHILE!) and while I've gotten to check on my garden, I haven't really had a chance to do much else. The weather has been phenomenal. It's supposed to drop tonight, with a high of 59 tomorrow, but back into the 70s by Saturday, and everyday for the next week after that!

My tomatoes are itching to get outside! My peppers are taking off, and will be potted up soon
(if I have ANY room left!) I've got to go buy some more potting soil to fill my newspaper pots because I ran out. I've planted my yellow squash, zucchini, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, watermelon, and cantaloupe all inside in
newspaper pots, and all but four or five of them have sprouted and the only ones that haven't are the yellow squash and one or two of the zucchini. I plan on planting a few extras straight in the garden when the time is right, but I figured if I could get a head start, it wouldn't hurt, especially since I won't even be coming close to using a whole seed packet! I'm especially excited about my Moon & Stars watermelon variety that I'm trying this year!

Here are a couple of side by sides from four days apart. (April 3-April 7)

I think I'm going to start hardening off my tomatoes next week. I'll finally have the time home to be carting them in and out, and the weather couldn't be nicer. I don't have 30 some milk gallons though, in the event of a frost, so I'll have to figure something out... I'm also going to have to figure out something to stake them with this year, I really want to do that when I plant them this time! I didn't do it right away last year, because I was unsure if my plants would even make it, they'd been purple and had shown no sign of growth for a while when I stuck them in the ground last year. Not staking tomatoes made for a REALLY messy garden. I spent several hours late in the season tying my vines up with one by twos just to try to get them off the ground, after we'd lost several to something that dug into the garden and was getting to them from the bottom.

I planted radishes on both ends of the garden, and though one side sprouted earlier than the other, it is significantly behind the other in terms of growth. I also can't figure out why I don't have any growth on my spinach or lettuce. Could it be the heat? Do I need to be feeding them with something? I was hoping that stuff would take off, and it just really hasn't.

Left Side

Right Side

Peas are still doing beautifully, as are the strawberries!

It was supposed to storm today, but that didn't really ever happen, so I'm going to go spend some time outside enjoying the new and refreshing green!

Things are getting greener! Happy Gardening to all!


  1. I ran out of soil, too! That was one of my motivators for getting some things in the ground. :-)

    Looking good, can't wait to see that huge bed planted up!

  2. Dang, your tomatoes are much farther along than mine...and they look just fabulous!

  3. Rebecca- I just got back from Home Depot :) A whole new bag of soil ready! I'm just not ready to put stuff outside. With today only getting up to 58, I figure I'm safer to wait. I'm looking forward to seeing that bed planted up too! :)

    EG- Thanks! I'm running out of room for them though! I'm not sure why they are farther along though, you are at least two zones south!