Sunday, March 6, 2011

Potting UPdate

It's strange, I was going through a phase where I was checking blogger constantly to see how people's gardens were growing, and there were only the occasional update.  I missed a few days, and it seems like EVERYONE has posted SEVERAL posts, and I just can't catch up!  This is a very busy time of year it seems!  I've done a lot myself, but haven't made the time to blog about it.

My tomatoes were planted yesterday. All 65 of them.  Here is my Pineapple Tomato that accidently germinated in January when I was trying to save the seeds from one of my tomatoes.  It has been a little stressed, a little root bound, but is finally potted up in the largest newspaper pot I've ever (and ever HOPE to) make.  It's about 6-8 inches tall, and with the tomato plant in there, even with the light as high as it will go, it still doesn't fit all of the way under the light. I'm just hoping for some suckers to start soon!  I put some of my other saved Pineapple tomato seeds on a paper towel.  I know they probably all germinated in January, and are hopeless, but I just wanted to check and see if any are living.  This tomato has been enough to keep that "planting early itch" away.

The day before that, the broccoli was finally potted up and thinned. It was even thinned more than I planned, because while talking to one of my neighbors, Heidi (my dog), decided the best way to thin 1.5 of my plants was for her to eat them.  I was NOT pleased...  Here's the "half" she left of one of them.

My peppers are sprouting!  The California Wonder are still taking their time.  The Jalapeno's, Carnival mix, and cayenne have all made an appearance of sorts.

My husband and I started working on clearing out the leaves that we've got covering the garden.  We'll finish that by the end of this week, so that I can start planting over my spring break next week.  I'm really looking forward to hardening off my lettuce seedlings, getting my peas, and radishes started, and getting to see some green in the garden!
My harvests have all looked the same lately, lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce from the Aerogarden.  We've really enjoyed that!  I also was able to use some of the overwintered scallions in an egg drop soup recipe I made yesterday.  It's nice to have something that actually came from OUTSIDE!  

Hope everyone's enjoying their gardens!  Spring is around the corner!


  1. Your seedlings look great. Sorry to hear the dog ate some of the leaves. Hehe

  2. They are looking great! I'll be doing some repotting later on this week.

  3. So glad you have an aerogarden too, I do not have one but I bought one for my Mom and one for my Father in law and both of them just LOVE their aerogardens! Its a really exciting time for us gardeners!

  4. 65 is a lot of tomatoes!! That picture of your pineapple tomato is giving me flashbacks from last spring. My tomatoes got way too big before it was time to put them in the ground. I have been good and am starting the majority of my tomatoes later this year.

  5. Pets can sure mess up some seedlings. Lol. I tried growing them indoors once, and the cats did a number on them...

  6. meemsnyc- Thanks! rotten puppy... :)

    Erin- thanks! Good luck with the repotting!!

    jezibels- The Aerogarden has been so great to have during the winter! It was a great way to see some GREEN!

    Robin- 65 tomatoes would be ridiculous, only twenty of them are keepers for me this year, I've got several who I grow for, and I did one extra of each variety that I wanted in my garden just in case this year. It is SO hard to wait to plant them, especially after drooling over seed catalogs for such a long time!

    EG- I have to say in that situation, it's your fault for having cats. :) I was potting them up outside, and set them on the ground, and she just snuck a whole one away, and nibbled on the next one. I didn't even see her do it... ugh.

  7. Megan everything looks great! I have some indoor starts but nothing as impressive as yours.

    Last year I planted 30 Roma tomato plants. I lost tons of fruits though. At first I thought it was blight, but later decided it was anthracnose. I'm going to plant more this year, just in case.