Sunday, March 20, 2011


That would be the best way to describe how I feel about the past four days.  I already wrote about how I spent Thursday.

Friday: We got a load of mulch for the front yard, and a load of compost for the garden brought by my brother in law.  We worked incredibly quickly trying to move the yard of mulch to the bed and get it cut in to make room for the compost that was coming, and also to avoid the incoming rain.  It was much cooler, and we were able to get most of the mulch moved before the compost came.  Our next goal was to move ALL of the compost to the garden, because we didn't want a muddy mess on the driveway with the rain coming.  We were able to transfer it all just in time, and after the storm I couldn't help but plant some lettuce, spinach, and radishes.  So I've got 16 square feet planted outside now.  I think I'll be putting in my broccoli tomorrow.  The garden looks extraordinarily neat for my normal standards because the compost makes the bed look just beautiful!

Saturday: I was able to garden vicariously through my friend Mandi.  We made a trip to buy all of the things she would need for two 4 x 8 beds, with one trellis.  We got quite a few heads shakings and feeble wishes of "Good luck" from some guys there. Two blonde twenty somethings carting around lumber is probably not the norm, but the beds turned out beautifully, and we did it all by ourselves!  We brought it all home, painted the boards, built them, and installed the trellis!  All that's left is for her to get soil/compost, and we can start planting in it!

Today, we tackled a new project of painting her shed next to her garden.  We got two coats done before I decided it would be nice to be home for my last day of Spring break, though she did a beautiful job finishing it.

We had another absolutely beautiful day today, and it appears we'll be getting that for the next three.  All of my plants spent the day outside.  It's been nice to have my tomatoes and peppers outside at this stage.  They are as "hardened" off to the sunlight as they could be, which is nice because I seem to burn them when it comes to transplanting time.  My hubby got the rest of the mulch straightened out in the front today. We just checked the compost pile, and it is piping hot in just the three days since it's been moved!

I'm looking forward to seeing some things germinating outside this week! It'll be nice to see some green!

It was so beautiful today, that this was my dinner.  I think I've worked hard enough for it this weekend anyway...


  1. Fresh compost added to the garden sure does make it look pretty - especially the dark color of it. It looks like you're off to a great start for the season....

  2. The bed and seedlings look great! I'm sure your friend was thankful for the help and it sounds like a fun girls' day project - hope your weather is fantastic and spring has finally arrived!

  3. Lookin Good M!

    I also had a chance to dig around in the garden, I got it all turned over and Im ready to install a recycled arbor (I just put a fresh coat of black paint on it) yahooooo!

  4. Your seedlings look great. I just love when my seedlings start to get big and leaf out. I'm sure that you will have a great garden this year.

  5. EG- I sure hope so! The dark color sure surprised me! It really does spruce things up!

    Erin- Thanks! She was definitely thankful :) We've certainly gotten a taste of "late" Spring, looks like we'll be going back to the regular stuff shortly, but I can't complain!

    jezibels- Thanks! Glad to hear you got to do some gardening! The arbor should be awesome! I look forward to pictures!

    KatieLovesDogs- Thanks! I ended up putting some of them in the ground today, and it really is nice to see all of the green out there!