Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Major Update

Besides the fact that in a week I'll finally be graduating from nursing school, my in-laws came in town this weekend from Pennsylvania. That means I've had no time to update this, even though I've spent a lot of time outside, and in the garden a bit. My husband and I worked really hard to get some things done before they got here.

Here's a picture of all of the work my husband did. He dug out all of the dirt here, and helped me plant all of the plants. We have a lot of bulbs and lilies that we planted too, but they'll hopefully be popping up later.

I now have my first tomato blossom! This is from my Sweet 100 Cherry tomato.

The baby birds are growing like crazy! Their mom and dad hate it when I take these pictures, and I inevitably squeal as I run back inside the front door when they dive bomb me.

I'm going to try to show a few side by sides from April 26 to today. In just over a week, I've seen tons of growth.

We were able to build and install the removable structure with bird netting for the strawberry patch. It's loaded with strawberries now, and I have no interest in sharing them with the local birds, bunnies, squirrels, or wandering cat.

We had our first pea blossom this year, and now we have many!! I was surprised to see it open, because it was pink! Last year we had only white ones, so I assumed that was the only kind. This year we have both, because I planted the Dwarf Gray sugar too.

I really need to get my pepper, squash, eggplant, watermelon, cantaloupe, and cucumbers in the ground. I'll do all of that today. I have all of these other tomato plants to get to friends, they are really starting to look funky. I don't know if it's just all of the rain, but the rest of my tomato plants really need to get into the ground!

This was last weeks harvest, I missed Harvest Monday this week. I used these radishes in a veggie pizza recipe from Pampered Chef for church. We also ate all of that lettuce in a salad! It's fun to finally get somethings that we can eat from our garden!


  1. Cool, your stuff is doing very well! I saw a baby bird get snatched by a cat yesterday - so, be on the lookout!

  2. Thanks! I'll keep on the lookout! The nest is above our door frame, but our neighbor lets her cat just roam about, so I'll be watching!

  3. Hi! I love your garden pictures! You have beautiful vegetables
    My husband and I bought a house 6 months ago and we are building a garden, and trying to landscape. We are so excited about growing our own food too!
    Greetings! :)
    Andrea from California

  4. Andrea- Thanks! Good luck with your garden, it is definitely an incredibly rewarding thing to start! Thanks for stopping by my blog!