Monday, May 24, 2010

Harvest Monday!

I had several more strawberries, but they never made it inside. This was my biggest harvest, the other ones were two or three a day, and they went straight into my belly! :)

We had two harvests of snow peas, and I'm really proud of myself for having eaten ALL of them! My peas didn't really make it last year, they would have, had I not had baby bunnies tasting the bottoms of all of them. These are the only things that I don't buy regularly from the grocery store, so I was worried that I wouldn't ACTUALLY eat them. I love them in Chinese food, but I don't make my own Chinese food. So, we had them in a chicken, mushroom alfredo pasta earlier in the week (I didn't take a picture of those). I used these in a vegetable medley (zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and snap peas) at my mom's house yesterday. My sister was in town, and it was a lot of fun to share my garden with my family!

Dreams of harvest:

I've had flowers on my squash plants daily, and slower on my zucchini. I used a q-tip to hopefully pollinate this little guy yesterday. The only male flower I had was on the zucchini, and the female obviously on the yellow squash. I was excited that my first female flower had a male flower to pollinate it (even if it was technically cross pollinating). I hope it does ok!

I've been reading a lot about megablooms on tomatoes, because so far, I have SEVERAL on several plants. I'm excited to see the mutant tomatoes that come from them, but I haven't decided if I should pull them off, and save the plant's energy for normal sized tomatoes.

Head over to Daphne's Dandelions to participate in Harvest Monday, or to see what other people are growing!


  1. Nice harvest! I don't think I'll be getting many strawberries this year.

    I love zucchini blossoms. Great photo!

  2. It's hard to keep from eating those first few harvests before they make it into the house. :-)

  3. Those are picture perfect peas. I did a little dance this morning when I saw the first pea blossoms open. Now it is only a matter of time.

  4. Your harvests are making me hungry......mega-whats? This is all new to me, I must follow along and witness any strange mutant tomatoes that may come along. :)

  5. Nice strawberries and peas! Strawberries taste better eaten right in the garden.

    I don't think you should do anything special with the mega flowers. In my experience the tomatoes will be tasty as those from normal flowers.

  6. Beautiful strawberries. Mine are just turning from white to red, so its matter of days...

    I never thought that zucchinis need help with pollination. I have only one plant this year and I don’t see any fruit setting so far. Maybe I should do something about it.

  7. Thomas- thanks! Keep holding out for those strawberries! :) I think I'd grow squash or zucchini just for how pretty the flowers are!

    EG- I know!! Most everything else can make it in. I think cherry tomatoes are another thing that I have a hard time with. And if my dog Heidi had her way, NONE of the cherry tomatoes would make it in!

    Daphne- Thanks! I know that dance all to well! :) Something so pretty about a first pea blossom! They are also so quick to grow, which is nice!

    Kelly- These megablooms/blossoms, king flowers, (they've got lots of different names I've found) are common on any beefsteak type of tomato, and they are several blossoms joined into one. These are the blossoms that the GIANT tomatoes come from (the record setting kind) but because they are like several conjoined tomatoes, they can apparently look pretty funny. I'll certainly be taking pictures! :)

    Angela- Thanks! And thanks for the advice with the mega flowers! I've read that they can be more watery and potentially less flavorful, but I'll take your word. I just want to make sure I get a lot of tomatoes (I shouldn't be TOO worried, we have 32 tomato plants)

    vrtlarica- Thank you, yours are definitely just around the corner then! You won't have any fruit set unless you have a male and female flower open on the same day, and something pollinates it. I don't like to leave it up to the bees. :)

  8. We yanked our mutant tomato this week. It was busted and cracked, and I just wanted to put it out of it's misery!

    Hope your pollination went well, and you'll be reporting some setting fruit this week! :)