Tuesday, June 1, 2010

90 degrees and Rising!

It's been a while again, and I missed Harvest Monday because I was in Omaha visiting my sister/brother-in-law and new nephew! :) My husband spread a layer of compost around all of the plants, and hopefully it does some kind of mulching effort because it is HOT here! Currently 89 (feels like 93 according to weather.com) and supposed to be 94 tomorrow. That's pretty typical for summer here, but not normally quite this early.

My harvest has looked like this pretty much every day, and I've taken pictures, but they'd probably look pretty redundant! Bowl of snap peas every other day, and a bowl of strawberries every day. I think they are going to be taking a break for a while, because it is SO hot!

I harvested this lettuce today, and my husband wants salad for dinner, so that should be perfect. (Hopefully it's not terribly bitter!) I gave some of the outer leaves to the neighbor who has a baby bunny living in their shed that they feed. So far, this little guy has stayed out of my garden, so I don't mind sharing in the slightest! (As long as it is on MY terms!)

I've got tomatoes setting fruit left and right... I've got seventeen on this plant alone! :)

These two are almost full size, I think. From what I remember about paste tomatoes anyway. I can't remember how long it will take for things to start getting red.

I looked up pictures from last year at this time, and my tomatoes were about a quarter of the size they are now on May 27, so I'm feeling pretty good!

My broccoli is getting destroyed by these stupid worms. I keep picking and squishing, and they just keep showing up. I feel like my efforts are pretty futile. I just want to see some broccoli forming on here! Even if they are going to be loaded with "extra protein"!


  1. It's really hot here too...Cabbage worms can sure do alot of damage quick, and you just have to keep spraying the BT to wipe them out. Your tomatoes look lovely....

  2. Tomatoes do seem to stay green for ages, don't they. I'd almost rather them be slower to come out and turn red faster. Seeing them all so green and happy just makes me impatient!

  3. Oooh, look at those tomatoes! Your garden is looking really lush and happy, except for those poor broccoli plants. You could also try spinosad on the broccoli, it's an organic treatment that kills all sorts of chewing insects, not just caterpillars.

  4. Looks good, especially the tomatoes! You can spray your broccoli with BT. It is organic and takes care of caterpillars.

  5. EG- They sure can! I haven't purchased any BT so far... maybe that will be a purchase next year. This is only my second year of gardening, and it hard to put so much money into all of the "accessories"

    Ribbit- sure do! I agree, I just want them to start turning red!

    Michelle- Thanks! Thanks for the heads up with the spinosad. I just haven't figured out how to spend more money on this stuff right now. So far not a head on my broccoli and it's hard to shell out more money this year when it could end up being $10/head of broccoli! :)

    Dan- Thanks! I'll probably look into BT for next year's garden...

  6. That's quite a row of tomatoes you have there! And it looks like your plants are setting fruit well.

    I inspect my kale and broccoli very few days for those worms. They seem to appear out of nowhere. I would put some row cover over them but would hate for my garden to become tent city.