Monday, June 28, 2010

Harvest Monday!

I actually had a harvest this week, and it actually was photographed! We harvested these Cherry tomatoes (both Sweet 100 and Sweet Million) It looks like we'll be getting the bowls full now!
I'm still waiting on a big tomato to turn red, it'll probably be a while. We have a Margherita tomato turning color, but I'm pretty sure this one still won't taste the way that I am hoping for, since this tomato is intended more for sauce.

Here are some pictures of some of the other tomatoes in growing the garden.

I'm really excited to try this one- Pineapple- it's getting really big!

Here is a goofy looking Brandywine that didn't get all of the way pollinated. This will definitely be an interesting looking one when it's ready!

My zucchini plants that I mutilated this week (I had either an overwatering problem or a nutrient deficiency) are looking really really sad, and I don't think it is just because I removed many of the leaves... I think some sort of pest has gotten to the vines. Could be the squashbugs? I guess I may be out of luck for zucchini this year.

Here's a peek into another adventure of mine this week, not garden related- I baked macarons. They can be a finicky little treat. I had these in France when I went in 2005, and was craving them, so I decided to make them. This is my third attempt (first one failed, second one was successful and eaten!). I made these for my church. There are kids in my church with Celiac disease (no gluten-wheat products) and these cookies are made with almond meal! So it was fun to share a treat that I love, and have it be one they can enjoy too! I made coffee flavored, strawberry, and chocolate ones! Not a single one was left over, so it looks like I'll be making more if I want a stash at home!

I'm off to go tie up my crazy tomato vines, I've let them get unruly, and it's actually a bit on the cooler side of 90 this morning :)

To join in on the Harvesting Fun- head over to Daphne's Dandelions!


  1. I've never heard of a pineapple tomato! It looks yummy though.

  2. Great closeup pics of the cherry tomatoes! ..and that pineapple tomato is just beautiful.

  3. Yeah for tomatoes!!! My pineapple tomato plant still has no fruit. It was the last to bear fruit last year as well. They are such a great tasting tomato!

  4. Love that first pic, all the promise of green tomatoes hanging everywhere! I saw the pineapple tomato in a catalog this year, it's so pretty!

  5. I have never heard of the pineapple tomatoe! Can't wait to see that ripe!

  6. I'm still waiting on a big tomato to turn too, but like our cherry tomatoes are coming on. We're just a little bit SE of you in So. Indiana.

    Those macarons are beautiful! I didn't know the French made them.

  7. Tosha- This is my first year trying them, but the picture from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed's catalog ( )was too mouth watering to pass up...

    EG- Thanks! :) I'm pretty glad after I waited so long for this plant to set fruit that it is shaping up so nicely!

    Robin- These were my last plants to set fruit as well! I couldn't figure it out, because they are by far the biggest ones out there with the healthiest looking foliage! I'm hoping they taste great!!

    Erin- Thanks! I am getting a little anxious waiting for things to start changing colors! It is nice to look out there and see future fruit though.

    Allison- I'll be sure to post pictures! I can't wait to see it myself!

    villager- Thanks! That was the first place I ever had them, they were all over Parisian bakeries. There are plenty of people making them in the US though, we just don't have any local place to buy them like they do in France.
    You're probably getting similar heat waves that we've had then too!

  8. Looks fantastic! I can't wait to hear how your brandywine taste. mine all bit the dust with some sort of blight or something.

  9. The macaroons and the tomatoes look darn good. I wish I had some red. Right now, we have tomatoes but they aren't quite ripe yet. Nice!

  10. Oh yum. I love Pineapple tomatoes. I think they are the tastiest I've ever had. I've been afraid to grow them though because our weather tends to be a bit cool for them. They just take too long.

  11. Your tomatos look amazing! We didn't grow any cherry tomatos this year. I'll definitely get some in next year!

  12. Nice cherry tomatoes. I tried a grape tomato this year and am disappointed. I find myself comparing it to the Sweet 100's I've had in the past, and it just doesn't measure up. I like your goodies you made.

  13. Pineapple and Brandywine tomatoes, yum! Unfortunately they don't do well for me, it's just a bit too cool around here.

    Those macaroons are fantastic looking, they came out perfect.

  14. I would love your macaroon recipe, please.

  15. Ribbit- I'll be sure to let you know! Looks like it's going to be a while though!

    Ottawa Gardener- Thanks! We had two red paste tomatoes this week,
    but I just can't wait for the slicers!!

    Daphne- They have definitely been the longest ones to set fruit! Hopefully my season is long enough! I just couldn't pass them up!

    meemsnyc- I am not one to buy cherry tomatoes at the store, so I had a hard time planting them last year, and my husband liked them so much, and they were a fun snack, that I had to replant them this year!

    Lori- Thanks! Our Sweet 100's and Sweet Million are pretty similar in taste if you want to try something different, the sweet million are slightly bigger though.

    Michelle- Thanks! It can get really hot here, but I'm definitely not in a "southern" zone, so hopefully they have enough time to ripen!


    this is the chocolate one I made (HUGE feet) and the other ones were made from this recipe :
    the second seems more finicky, but that's what I used for the other ones.