Monday, June 14, 2010

Harvest to Come, I guess!

**Thanks Erin and Ribbit for following my blog, and welcome!**

It has been crazy hot outside for several days now, and doesn't look like we're going to have any relief any time soon. I was outside at 7 am, breaking a sweat chasing away the neighbor's "pet" baby bunny. I don't think I could have killed it myself, but I couldn't regardless, out of respect for my neighbor ladies. They've named it, and it lives in their shed. I looked like a crazy fool running up and down my garden yelling "GET OUT!!" at this baby rabbit, and chasing it with an extra tomato stake I had laying around. I finally opened part of the chicken wire up to get it out, but I still can't figure out how it got in, since it certainly wasn't finding its own way out!

I will have a few cherry tomatoes this week! I'm extra excited about these! These are Sweet 100, and we grew these last year. Very exciting to see the first tomatoes turning colors! My husband especially likes to bring these in his lunches, and Heidi (our dog) will learn soon enough which end of the garden hosts them this year, as well.

These are Green Zebra tomatoes, and you can already see some of the striping! I don't think they get much bigger than this, the catalog said 3 oz. So maybe they'll be getting the yellow and bright green coloring soon!

Here are two of my Brandywine tomatoes that have finally started to set some fruit! They sure are funny looking!

This tomato is from one of my two Caspian Pink tomatoes. This is definitely one I'm looking forward to!

Here is a picture of my most prolific plant and largest tomatoes out there (currently)- these are from a Margherita Hybrid tomato plant. I'm hoping this little guy is a friend too...

This is the first fruit set on my most anticipated tomato of the year- Pineapple. Doesn't look like much now, but I was REALLY excited to see that it had finally set some fruit! There are blossoms all over this thing, and it is my biggest, healthiest, stockiest plant out there. I couldn't figure out what was taking so long!

Here is one of my first either Anaheim peppers or jalapenos - and hopefully another "friend" that I couldn't see when I took the picture. I can't remember where I planted what of my peppers...

I have a definitely pollinated yellow squash growing fiercely out there, and another coming up right behind it!

Finally, I can't figure out what the deal is with my zucchini plant. The bottom leaves look bad... any ideas?


  1. Wow, seems like everyone is sharing the same heat and bunnies lately! My Red Zebras look just like yours right now! All your tomatoes look fantastic, you will love that Brandywine, it is a staple here. I am looking forward to seeing your Caspian Pink, that's one of the varieties I have been debating on for next year!

  2. Danged bunnies, they can squeeze through the smallest spaces, I watched one go right through my deer fence last year, just passed through it like it was thin air . . .

    It looks like you're going to have a nice tomato harvest this summer. Caspian Pink produced well in my garden last year but it wasn't my favorite for flavor, not bad, just not outstanding. Perhaps it will have more flavor grown in a warmer climate.

    I would guess that the zucchini problem is a nutrient deficiency, iron or phosphorus perhaps.

  3. Beautiful tomato pics. You're about to be covered up in them!
    Without a doubt, I can tell you that the zucchini have experienced way too much water. Those bottom leaves will turn brown and crunchy, so ya might as well remove them. Dead squash leaves become havens for squashbugs.....

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome! We have friends in your area, so your blog interested me.

    That buggie is not a friend. It's a spotted cucumber beetle. Squish him, squish him, squish him.

  5. Erin- I definitely wish there was no bunny sharing! I am definitely looking forward to trying the Brandywine, especially since they are going to be so funny looking! I'll let you know how the Caspian Pink goes! I've got a rainbow of sorts in my garden this year, and I definitely wanted to see some pink!

    Michelle- They certainly can get through some small spaces! I still haven't located where it must have dug UNDER my chicken wire... If Caspian Pink do well in warm weather, then they should do well here! I'll be looking into the nutrient issue... I have been way lazy and haven't fed anything in a WHILE!

    EG- Thanks! I sure hope so! The leaves are getting kind of crunchy! We have had loads of rain along with the heat, and I've been watering too, because it has been so hot! I definitely don't want any extra bugs out there!!

    Ribbit- Thanks for the heads up on the spotted cucumber beetle! I went out and squished one I saw this morning! The bug is red though, not yellow like the pictures I looked up. If you happen to read this, are they the same thing?

  6. Poor little lady bug got squished? I think the spotted cucumber beetle is yellowish, and the spots run in even rows.

    My zucchini did the same as yours last year, and I mixed up a gallon of fish fertilizer with some cornmeal tea, and gave it a good dousing. Didn't help a bit, I finally pulled it out and planted seeds elsewhere in the garden. Those plants eventually died from powdery mildew, but not before I got all the zucchini I needed. I have never had the luck with zucchini that most people have. That and radishes seem to be my gardening downfall.