Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's a Good Day!

It is definitely a good day! I am officially a graduate nurse (technically as of yesterday)

I should probably wait until Monday for this harvest post, but oh well. I ate a few of my snap peas yesterday, and they were awesome. Heidi had to have a taste of one too. She remembers all to well how much she liked cherry tomatoes last year, and has begun to pace the garden when I go to check on it.

We also tried our very first garden strawberry this morning! It was delicious! I probably could have let it go one more day, but the difference in texture between home grown and store bought is unbelievable!

Last night, we went to check on the turtles later, because for the past several nights Eleanor has been doing "test sites" for her nesting. We went out to look and she was digging another hole. When I went to check it this morning, it was all covered up and packed in. Which typically means one thing. Eggs!

We brought them inside, as she decided the best place to lay them was right on the very TOP of our compost pile that we frequently turn. We want to make sure we find them when/if they hatch. She laid seven last year, and after one was taken by a pitch fork (the discovery of the eggs) two more were taken by ants, we brought the other four inside, and none of them hatched. We have learned a lot about eggs since then (no turning them!), and we know she has had a mating opportunity this year, we're hoping we may have a better outcome!

We marked the tops of all of the eggs this time, to make sure that when we moved them, we placed them exactly as they were laid.

This is Eleanor! Looking good the day after giving birth! :)