Sunday, January 30, 2011

And Another Winter Storm Warning...

I feel like this is the same post I had up last week. Just when the snow was ALMOST gone, we're scheduled to get another round of winter storms. This one is supposed to bring up to 3/4" of ice before a range of snow. We've heard anywhere from 5"-8", 6"-12", and 1-2 feet, depending on who is covering the upcoming storm. It was nice enough today that I was able to get out and do a six mile run with some friends, and it's hard to believe that I'm not going to get to do that again for a while.

Pictures will come when the storm does!

Broccoli was planted in my new seed starting flat two days ago -Jan 28- a bit later than last year. I found my notes, and I started my broccoli on January 15th last year. I bought a different kind of seed starting kit this time, only because they didn't have my normal Jiffy one. I was VERY surprised when I added water to some of these "pods" outside of the flat... They blew up INSTANTLY! My Jiffy pods had a mesh covering that held them together, these did NOT! So... I somewhat wasted 12 new little pods. I'm going to save them to fill other holes as I start new plants, but I was pretty disappointed. Oh well, broccoli is started, tomato is potted up, and I've got another round of lettuce in place of the tomato, and the cilantro that never sprouted.


  1. Yuk, more snow! Ours hasn't even melted yet!

  2. We are supposed to get another storm here starting Monday night. This one is supposed to be mostly ice...yuk!!

    Well, at least you have some seedlings to tend to soon :)

  3. oh no, ICE! I love the snow, but not the ice! I really need to get my broccoli started asap!

  4. meemsnyc- From the looks of your weather, it won't be melting any time soon either!!

    Robin- we're probably getting the same storm then!

    Erin- I don't know what the delay has been with the broccoli this year. I don't think I've seen anyone else really even post about broccoli yet. Maybe I'm not as behind as I think... but it was too hot last year, that I never got heads on my broccoli, so I had better get it off to as early of a start as I can!

  5. With me, it's a new thing - I usually only do it in the fall, but I'm hoping to try spring and see if there are less worm issues then!