Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Seedling Update

I'm not sure I can appropriately title this "seedling" update, because some of them are seedlings, and some are PLANTS now!
My lone Pineapple tomato seedling has two sets of true leaves now, and is VERY ready to be planted in a different container. I just have to make that happen. The roots look incredible. That is a fun part about an Aerogarden, I get to lift up the lid and actually SEE what's happening.
My lettuce, I've been told, will be a part of my husband's birthday salad tomorrow. That is the real reason for this post. I wanted to actually DOCUMENT the growth, before he mutilates my plants. I don't know why I get this way. I grow this stuff to be eaten, and then I fall in love. Don't you DARE hurt my babies! I could never be an animal farmer. As far as I'm concerned, steak comes from a steak tree, and that's the only way I eat it. We have a whole deer in the freezer right now (we receive one or two a year, as a present from my father in law). I want nothing to do with seeing pictures of the "kill" until it has completely been consumed. I love meat, but I have over-attachment issues.


  1. I suffer from the same "ailment" as you. I'd love to say I don't eat meat, but I do. I just don't like to think of where it came from. One year I befriended a little steer in a neighbor's pasture, and when he went from pasture to freezer, I cried and cried and almost quit eating meat right then and there. Like you, I also think of my seedlings as my babies.

  2. The seedlings look great! I've always wanted an aerogarden!

  3. Annie's Granny- I'm pretty sure I would have stopped eating meat myself after that experience. I think tomato seedlings are my most precious babies (if a "mother" can have a favorite child) but by the time you eat from them, they are large, and I have NO problem eating the tomatoes!

    meemsnyc- Thanks! This has certainly been a fun experience, and something nice to get me through the winter, since I don't have any tunnels set up yet.