Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seedling Saturday

I have a seedling Saturday this week. Not completely by design, but here goes.

I've got the stuff that I planted in the Aerogarden 16 days ago. I'm still loving how much growth I get to enjoy with this thing.

I've got true leaves on my basil plant. Pesto here I come!

My lettuce seedlings are sizing up nicely.

And here she is. The Pineapple tomato seed that I stuck in the Aerogarden 24 hours after the seed saving fiasco. I had NO intentions of having a tomato seedling on January 15, while snow is on the ground., but here she is. I'm going to have to figure out a way to keep her alive between now and MAY. At least all of my seed saving wasn't for naught.

I had several days without a sub job this week (snow day, and then a day without a phone call...) I've been spending my time working on some crochet projects for an etsy that I started last week. If anyone feels like checking it out, and giving me some pointers, I'd greatly appreciate it! I still need to get pictures of the hats on actual people, but for now this is what I'm working with.


  1. If you can just get her large enough to begin developing suckers, you can snap them off and root them for new plants. Your timing might be just right for that! I think you might even be able to cut of the top (6" or so) and root it. It might be worth a try.

  2. I hadn't even though of that! What a great idea, and thanks for the help! That should actually work, and I won't have to necessarily be concerned with a 5 month old plant!

  3. Granny has a point, and you should get the first sucker when the plant is between 12 and 18" tall. Also, once the seedling gets its first true leaves, keep it in a location that stays around 40 degrees and the growth will slow down tremendously...

  4. Fortunately enough for me, we keep our house practically that cold all the time. I'm exaggerating, 62 in the day and 55 at night. It still astounds me that those seeds even SPROUTED with the temperature of my house! :)

    I'm glad to know this little guy isn't going to be a complete waste after all.