Saturday, March 9, 2013


Another new adventure for me this year has been growing my own alfalfa sprouts.  This is pretty much the "instant gratification" of the gardening world- a week from start to finish.

I used a jar, a jar ring, and a cut piece of pantyhose.  The seeds are soaked for a good 8-12 hours the first day, then rinsed twice daily after that. Lastly, they get a sun bath for about 15 minutes before they end up in a container in the refrigerator.

My favorite way to have them so far has been on a tuna salad sandwich! I've been missing sprouts on Jimmy John's sandwiches! I also ordered a "crunchy bean" mix to sprout that was on sale, but something about "crunchy beans" has me less than excited to jump into those just yet.  Anyone have any experience with those?


  1. Alfalfa sprouts is something I want to do someday! Haven't gotten up the courage and gumption yet! Nancy

    1. It's really easy Nancy! If you like sprouts, no need for courage! :)