Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kitchen Garden

"Kitchen Garden" has a whole different meaning to me in the apartment. My order of strawberries came in from Henry Fields this week, and I was able to pot them up in my new "Topsy Turvy" strawberry planter. Obviously, it's not the most ideal way to grow strawberries, but my space is at a premium. I also reseeded some lettuce and radishes. A few things have sprouted, but my camera was with my husband for school, or I would have pictures.

I get to head to St. Louis this week while my husband is on Spring Break. I am looking forward to helping my friend Mandi replant her garden this week with her 4 year old.  She still remembers last year when we planted their garden.  I had her plant almost every single seed, which may have taken longer, but it seems the memory has lasted. 

I was able to harvest some basil from the Aerogarden and a little more lettuce this week, but not a whole lot else.

Pictures to come. Happy Gardening all!

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  1. You are doing so well with your gardening with a small amount of spacer! Have fun planting the garden in St. Louis this week with your friend! Nancy