Thursday, March 7, 2013

Potting Up!

I had several days off this past week, one of the perks of having to work 12 hours shifts as a nurse.  Aside from catching up on lots of garden blogs, and researching container gardening, I potted up a lot of house plants, and my dwarf Tophat blueberry plant.  

My blueberry plant has buds all over it that I know will open soon, and I remember this was about the time the plant was delivered to me last year, so I figured it was safe to pot it up now.

I love getting to look at the root system of plants out of their pots!

Definitely full of roots! The white roots on the bottom picture look like some new growth to me, and I'm pretty sure this plant will be happy in its much bigger home for this year. Maybe I'll even see a few blueberries!

Hopefully, I won't have to go any bigger than this pot because now it's heavy!

 This houseplant is a dragon tree that I bought from Ikea little over 4 years ago.  It has survived my indoor growing skills, and is now the biggest plant we've got.  It switched places with a very sad Japanese peace lily that needed to be divided into two smaller pots.

The dragon tree's last two homes are the two pots in the picture below.

Here is the root growth. Not TOO badly root bound this time! (It has seen much worse!) Only one row of pencil thick roots on the bottom.  The peace lily on the left was a gift from my husband in our first year of marriage. It has also survived my poor houseplant care, and I believe the division I made is the 4th or 5th extension of the original plant that is long gone! The little plant on the right is a new addition also purchased from IKEA. We'll see if it fares better!

The dragon tree's new home.


  1. Hi Megan, You certainly have been busy with your planting! I also ordered some strawberry plants and another blueberry plant from Miller nursery this year. In the past I haven't had much luck with either one of them but hoping! Thanks for visiting my blog! Nancy

    1. Nancy- I hope you have loads of luck with your strawberry and blueberry plants this year! Some of that has to be the weather! I read that blueberry plants really like acidic soil, but I've still got some reading to do to figure out how to make that happen in the blueberry pot.