Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Gloomy Saturday... good for catching up on a garden blog.

We had a nice little hail storm yesterday. It was a good thing I had all the tomatoes and peppers tucked inside for the night before.  It looks like today MAY be the last time they have to be brought back inside.  They've been outside most of the past week, week and a half, but there was supposed to be some strong storms yesterday (way to go weather man!) so I brought them in, and today is colder than it has been in a while.

Here's some of the flowers (or weeds, whichever you prefer) growing around my house.

Here's what the garden is looking like today.  (I have cold feet now, from running out to grab these!)

I can't tell that the broccoli that I replaced has done much of anything yet, but I'll keep waiting. I wonder if that is just a bad spot for broccoli? My peas, however, are thriving, and grabbing on to anything they can!

Lots of growth has occurred on my strawberries, but it looks like I'm going to have a hole to fill in with some runner plants.  There are flowers forming all over the place now, so it looks like I'm going to get quite a few strawberries!

Summer squash, Moon and Stars watermelon, zucchini, vegetable spaghetti, and Marketmore cucumbers were planted inside last night. That's not really worth showing a picture of dirt in newspaper pots, but it at least helps me keep a record!

Arphaxad, Nadine, and Ilene enjoying some sun earlier this week.


  1. Oh how fantastic! I just love, love, love turtles!!!

  2. Your garden is definitely ahead of us here. Everything looks great! I wonder what is up with the broccoli...have you planted it there before?

    We are having a cold rainy day here too. No gardening, just cleaning :(

  3. I'm glad that you were able to save your seedlings from the hail.

  4. Hi Megan! You plant under the light look so big and strong! It looks like you will have a great harvest this summer!
    I saw your question about edaname, this is my first year growing them so I don't have any experience, but at least I has success for now. I know they are probably have to be more spaced (probably one per square foot?) but I don't have any more room so I am just growing them together and I will thin the weakest plants :) I ll keep u posted about edaname :)

  5. The flowers are very pretty and it looks like your spring garden is off to a good start!

  6. Lynda- Me too! I would have been happy enough with the two originals, before my husband's coworker decided we should take care of 5 more, but we enjoy them. My husband loves dinosaurs, so they are the closest we can get. (I refuse to own an alligator)

    Robin- Thanks! I haven't planted broccoli there before, and I even put a good 4-5 inches of compost out there, so it should be doing great. Who knows. The old stuff is finally starting to recover, but I still haven't noticed much growth on the new ones. I'll have to check my friend's to see how much it COULD be growing!

    Katie- Me too! We had another threat of hail this morning, which meant I was running around at ten till six putting everything inside again!

    Andrea- Thanks! I sure hope so! It looks like we'll be learning together then! Your season is further out than mine, so I'll enjoy getting a "preview"

    Jenn- Thanks! It's nice to have spring arrive for sure! Winter really brings me down!