Friday, March 19, 2010


Yesterday, my husband and I were able to turn the compost piles (after all turtles were accounted for) and there was definitely some of that white good stuff doing its magic, which was exciting.
I planted some radishes yesterday as well, which is a new one for me. I tried to plant some radishes last year from seeds that my grandma gave me. I have absolutely no idea when those seeds were purchased and there wasn't a year on the pack, so I'm pretty sure they were ancient.

I'm not sure if the radishes will even grow in the soil we have because it can get really hard, and I would assume that would make it difficult to form a root, but they're planted, and I'm hoping for the best anyway.

My spinach and snap peas have sprouted!

This is
my third round of peas, though both round one and two were not very successful . Some lessons I've learned in the past year:

#1 Do not let peas vine on your fence when there are bunnies that produce like bunnies all around your yard (Especially when the lovely next door neighbor ladies name and love the bunnies) The bunnies would chew off the bottom of the vine, and I'd come out to find a four foot tall wilted pea vine. No peas. (Same thing happened with melons later in the season)
Solution: Build trellis a few inches from the fence.

#2- Start fall season crops earlier. Not much to say about that, just that our vines got to be about 5 feet tall, and then it snowed. No peas.

Some pictures of the tomato seedlings from today.

Looking good so far! No purple leaves yet this year either! We have been blessed with warm weather this year. Last year, just about all of my tomato plants had a phosphorus deficiency and turned purple because our house is always cold. It's still early... but I'm hoping they stay pretty and green!
Last few days of spring break, and it's going by just a bit too fast... better get to cleaning the house. We're having Thanksgiving for lunch tomorrow. My husband can't get enough turkey, so we celebrate Thanksgiving several times a year!

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