Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last year

I found some pictures from our garden from last year. I guess our camera started acting goofy somewhere in June. It's hard to believe that this amount of green will be here in just two months. Our lawn is zoysia, and probably one of the things my husband hates most about our house. He can't stand a yellow lawn in the winter. Anyway, the green gave me something to look forward to, and these pictures make our yard look a LITTLE less blah. Most of these pictures were taken the first and second weeks of May.

This is kind of what I mean by messy garden. I didn't stake my tomatoes from the beginning, and I was really bad at weeding. I ending up having to stake my tomatoes in late July or thereabouts because something was getting in the garden from the bottom, and eating my tomatoes before we could get to them. Letting tomatoes go wild isn't a good idea when you plant so close. I learned that much anyway.

Hopefully I notice the tomato cups laying around all over the place this year when I take pictures. This is the picture that I could really see all of the green in though. This is the view I have from my dining room through the sliding glass door. All of our grass is yellow, and none of those trees have leaves on them yet. I can hardly wait!

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