Thursday, March 25, 2010

Newsworthy Tomatoes

I know, title is super corny. I couldn't help myself.

I potted up 62 of my tomato plants after making some newspaper pots thanks to Rebecca over at Rebecca's Urban Farm Blog. I modified it a little bit, because I did not want to mess with getting them all wet, so I just taped the side and the bottom with some masking tape. I guess eventually the masking tape will get loose from getting wet, but it's done now.

It was nasty and rainy today, probably the coldest it has been in three weeks. It was a good day for me to get some of these done.
me of these done.
It's kind of intimidating knowing that I still have some 30 tomato plants to pot up, and something like 60 peppers to pot up eventually too! My friends who are getting 2/3 of these peppers and tomatoes are going to have to find some
windowsills for these plants because my homemade shelves can only hold so much!

After I got all of my tomatoes back on the shelves I tried to put my new shop lights back up, but unfortunately I'm still having issues with the lights. They are super touchy, and most of the time I can only get one of the two bulbs to turn on. I haven't figured it out yet, and I probably need to call Home Depot and see if they have any suggestions or see if I can return the lights... I just can't seem to find that receipt.

In other news, my radishes have sprouted! I took a few pictures two days ago where the rest of my outdoor seedlings are too!

And last but not least, here's a picture of Eleanor hanging out.


  1. paper pots work great, and I might do that with a few of my plants later. Keep your eye on those radishes, because they reach maturity really quick!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the radishes! I'll probably have a few small ones, just from getting excited to check on them! I've never grown any root crop before... so we'll see! It'll be nice to have something mature faster than 120 days!

  3. I LOVE the turtles, that's hilarious! How on earth did they get into your fenced yard?

  4. Rebecca- They certainly didn't wander into the fenced yard, though five of the seven were not brought in by us. A guy my husband works with brought the other five in two different trips, 4 the first time, and 1 the last after a trip to his parents' house who live in a rural area. Apparently, it was raining on the trip there, and he found these guys on the highway or road. We did not ask for them, and he didn't clue us in that he'd brought them either. It was quite a surprise to my husband when he went to turn the compost pile one day and there were four extra turtles who "appeared" in our yard. We had NO intention of attaining seven turtles! We hoped to maybe find a male for our two original females, but we certainly didn't expect this! So now, we just take care of them! We're hoping we may see some eggs/babies this year, but they are just a blast to watch.