Sunday, August 14, 2011

Still Around, Just Busy

This is the worst time of year for me to blog. I just can't keep up with it, and my sad, hotter than hot garden is out there. We've gotten way less tomatoes this year than I'm okay with.  Things are just plain diseased and unproductive due to the heat. I think I *need* to find some new space for my tomatoes (the hubby doesn't know if he's going to accommodate this *need* yet). I want to be able to rotate them out of the space they have occupied for the past three years.

My husband is currently working on our batch of jalapeno poppers made with several harvests worth of jalapenos, which we'll have about 40 to freeze.

 I've replanted peas for the fall.  A bit of lettuce, and with large amounts of wishful thinking I threw some broccoli seeds into the ground. All of this meant that I pulled about six or seven completely unproductive tomato plants from the garden.

I'm pretty certain the last two turtle eggs inside are already dead, which is unfortunate, but this was a good learning year. I'm very sad to find that that means we won't have any baby turtles.  Nadine's entire clutch was fertilized, so it's been neat to learn some of what the embryonic development looks like, but I would never have wanted to find it out the way I've had to.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their gardens! I haven't had much time with my new job to do much (if ANY) reading in a while! I'm glad to finally have a nursing job, but it is pretty time consuming at this stage. It'll be the safest thing for my patients though.

I did better than last year with posting, so here's to next year making into August with regular posts!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear Nadine's babies didn't hatch. {{{{Nadine}}}} {{{{Megan}}}}

  2. I have been feeling the same way about the garden this year, and it's SO hot out there!

  3. Megan, sorry to hear about the frustration with the garden and about the turtle eggs. The heat this year has damaged many things and some of us have not had rain either. This is certainly a tough gardening season. Hopefully things will cool down soon.

    I have to move my tomatoes every year, other wise there are just too many pests and diseases. I can help to get a healthy crop.

    I can not wait to see the remaining eggs hatch. Please keep us posted.