Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ripening tomatoes

My tomatoes are working on ripening up! I had to pull a bunch of peppers the other night too, but I didn't take a picture of them, and a lot of them are looking black. I had a LOT of tomatoes to bring upstairs last night. Many of them are only ripening on parts of the tomato which is kind of annoying. I figure I'll just cut off the ripened parts and use them. A lot of my yellow tomatoes were ready yesterday, so those are fun to see again! My garden has officially had a freeze night so the pepper plants out there are the saddest, deadest thing around. Go figure that the high's this week in St. Louis are in the mid to upper-70's. That's just St. Louis weather though.I got my first seed catalog of the year, only to find out they sent me last years catalog. I'll have to request another one in a couple months and hopefully get the 2011 catalog. It won't be long before I'm pulling out the graph paper and dreaming. My grandma gave me her Aerogarden that I helped her set up. She didn't want to deal with it again, but I found out that she let the motor on the pump burn out... so I'll be hoping for a new one of those soon, so that I can grow somethings indoors and feel like I have a little garden.

I'm still kind of dragging with updating this blog, but I'm trying to get better! I'll be needing to do a saving seed post as soon as I get to try that. Some of the Pineapple tomatoes are showing signs of ripening...

I've also been baking a lot of bread recently, thanks to a very appetizing post by Thomas at A Growing Tradition Our Daily Bread I checked out this book at our library, and added it to the amazon wish list! I definitely will be trying a lot of these recipes! The steps are so much simpler than the bread I was baking, and I am very satisfied with the results! I've gone to buying jar yeast now, which I had no idea was so much cheaper. So there will be a post about the bread soon too!


  1. It's really weird that the tomatoes are ripening in spots. However, they're quite pretty..

  2. Can't believe you still have so many! I have only 2 that I am patiently waiting on ripening on the counter! Crazy weather, 38º here yesterday morning!

  3. EG- yeah isn't it weird!? I have tried to look up information on it, and all I've found is "uneven ripening". I think they're pretty too :)

    Erin- I've got LOADS of green ones still! It takes me at least a half an hour to unroll/reroll and put them away. Weather is amazing. I've never paid as much attention to it before gardening!

  4. Erin- Just a quick note, these tomatoes were NOT ripening outside, but inside, rolled up in newspapers. I pulled them all a while ago. I wish I was still getting these from outside. I just wanted to be clear, because it doesn't read very clear in the post.

  5. Wow, so many tomatoes!! I am looking forward to seed catalogs!