Friday, November 12, 2010

Fun Surprise!

So my husband walks in after checking the mail, and says, "How much do you love me? I have something for you."
And I got excited and said, "Is it a new seed catalog?"
"Even better!" he says.
It took me a second to think about it, but fortunately I was already on the gardening track, and I shouted, "MY SEEDS!"
He goes on to repeat, "Well, how much do you love me?"

He eventually relinquishes a nice little envelope filled with some Cherokee Purple tomato seeds which I am very excited about and have come all of the way from Alabama! Thanks EG for the generous gift of these seeds! I can't wait to try them!

Here is the return gift trying to get ready for me to save... the two biggest Pineapple tomatoes that are currently working on ripening (rather slowly...) on my kitchen table.

Here are a few pictures that I don't think that I ever blogged about of what they looked like in the summer. I'm pretty sure the one that is cut up is not the same as the one in the other two pictures. The other two pictures are in fact the same tomato! They are definitely beautiful!


  1. I just got seeds from EG too! I was just as excited as you! I can't wait until spring!

  2. Oh good! I'm glad the package made it to ya! You're gonna love Cherokee Purple, and the ones early in the season get pretty big. I had 2 that were 4" in diameter last year....

  3. Meems- Awesome! I can't wait either, but it is JUST starting to feel like winter could potentially be here. This has been a very mild fall.

    EG- I'm very excited to try these! Thanks again!