Thursday, April 12, 2012

Documentation Post.

 I took all these pictures several days ago (save a few at the end from today), and never got the chance to upload them. So here they finally are.  Completely random, but I know I'll want to look back next year, and see where the garden was this time of year, so this is more of a "documentation" post. It's incredible to me because I know how much growth I've seen even since these were taken!  We had had some "normal" temperatures this week, which shows me just how spoiled I've been. I've had to bring IN plants, something I haven't had to do for about a month!  Plants are back outside tonight though, with a low of 50, I think they're alright.

I had my first problem with rollie-pollies as we grew up calling them, pill bugs, sow bugs to others. I have never had a problem with them, but they absolutely destroyed my pepper plants! I may have about enough to not have to buy them from the store, but I may not even get off that lucky, and I planted over double of what I wanted to plant for myself!

This particular container I used to carry the plants did not have a full bottom to it, so one day I moved it when I saw several chewed up plants and they were swarming. Literally, swarming.  This container has stayed on the patio table after that incident, and they haven't seemed to sustain any additional damage, though I'm not sure many will recover. The other containers for my plants had a lip to them, and I think that's what kept them away from my others. 

New strawberry plants have taken. The old ones have fruit set already.

I looked through last year's blog, and my earliest FLOWER was April 11, this year they are already covered with growing berries!

Tomato and pepper seedlings, broccoli and peas

My broccoli is as big now as it was at the end of May last year (I got a pretty nasty freeze/snow just after planting last year)

Radishes and peas (the radishes have been incredibly mild flavored this year, and have really filled out nicely)

Alright, Granny-- you were right! Here's a carrot seedling!

Broccoli and lettuce -- I'll need to take an updated picture, broccoli plants are touching now, and we've had a full container worth of lettuce harvested since this photo. It made for two delicious salads, but I definitely forgot how long it takes to clean each individual leaf!

Tomato seedlings getting bigger! I've had some issues with what I think is nitrogen deficiency and have tried to keep them fed-- the new growth is really LIGHT green, almost yellow.

This picture shows how much my broccoli has grown since I planted it. This is an extra seedling that didn't get planted, and has pretty much stayed the same size as the plants were when I transplanted them. 

Zucchini seedling popping up in my buckets!

Radishes popping over the soil.

 One of my favorite things about early spring-- pea tendrils. I absolutely love how delicate they are, but are still intensely strong.

 Happy Birthday Heidi! She's 9 today!

Quick and easy way to gain the title "Messy Garden"-- Maple seeds  Sometimes it sounds like it's raining when the wind blows. They're almost finished falling, so it'll be time to clean them up soon!


  1. Those pill bugs can totally destroy young seedlings. I have a lot of them here. Hopefully your peppers will survive.

    The rest of your garden looks great! I had an issue with my tomatoes last year when I potted them up. I swear it was the new bag of potting soil. They were fine once they got planted in the ground.

    Happy Birthday Heidi!

    1. I've never experienced them like this! I sure hope some if these plants make a turn around!

      I think the tomatoes will be fine in the ground too, I just can't keep up with feeding them!

  2. Things are looking good, it's good your seedlings are still little because it seems that the weather might surprise us with cold nights still!

    1. We have gotten several more cool nights! I've watched all these people buy their big old plants from home depot because we had a month of warm, all the while thinking it's WAY too early... But still getting the itch myself. I'm glad I held off on putting them in the ground.

  3. HAH! Told ya those were carrots ;-)

    I'm jealous over your broccoli, mine is about the size of a dime.

    Happy birthday, Heidi!

    1. Thanks for the reassurance and the wisdom! :)

      After last year's broccoli, it's lucky it even has a place in the garden this year!

  4. You have a lot planted in the garden! I just planted lettuce, brussel sprouts, peas and carrots a few days ago. I will plant the onion sets tomorrow (Im in Chicago).

    1. Chicago is a bit north, but not by too much... We've had so much warm weather here though, that I was worried i'd get nothing but bitter lettuce